Vikalpa – Lyrics

VIKALPAI drift with loose lips that float myths and kiss blissengorge nymphs, no spliffs to repair riftstranscend the stiffsas i traverse the river Styxthe land of knowledge into mysterycomfort into misery, future come from historyreality to fantasy, slander you and banter freehip hop paradigm's a parodyso close your eyes and truly see what's true to you and true to meexist beyond the base realitycold clouded with the use of nomenclatureloose the noose on your truth now no one hate yano subject, no object, no rise to delusionyawn yarns, fade fables, compound the confusionthe ill-losing that tombs, tracks books on your shelfcontain truth, facts and looks on the nature of selfyet its all just a necessary finger pointing at the moondream a little dream, receive it all like a boonswoon and croon with cupidyet stay lucid as you loop itaware its all vikalpa so go ahead, get stupidDa' ill addictive pandemic spills cryptic crammed sentencespit contagions like the plagueKlingons plagiarize my stage, my flow, my showjust a portal to my notesi pour out Pandora's box when asked just for a quotegot the darkness and the light, the halahala and amritagive a holler to the scholars, soul bright just to teach yado it reach ya and all the seekers are wise enough to seeall things to all peopleJah, Hare Krishna big up pluralityinfinite acceptance transcend technicalitymad realities twist into form and let gothey intertwine with the mind and delight the soulall we know is what we know ain't the whole storymoment's glow is just a show that reflects the whole glorybig picture will consistently be out of our graspyet aim to attain an understanding and laugh, sob, cry out and cold emoteenjoy the lows, cause that's when you learn the mostrenounce then savor the flavorit won't insult ya to say your whole experience is really just vikalpaSun set the mind flies gives rise to surpriseexpress, transgress through your own living eyeselucidation of my hallucinationmoves the pavement while i juice the nationwherever my feet tread, the beat spreadexpand the definition of street credtil its intercontinental transcendentalbreaking wheat bread with the presidentialMister Postino? he ain't here...fool, i am down in every ecospherenever blundered or wondered about the topici'm downright dangerous from the tundra to the tropicsa metapredator of delights, full of diurnal insightstake prey to the heights and praywhen day turns to nighttaking it back to the root like and etymologistkicking knowledge of the fruithe's considered an ecologist but does he rock for the critics?shoot, i rock for seismologists