Primitive Yoga Trail

Walk this pristine land the same way your ancestors did: in a small group, moving quietly, observing constantly and responsibly taking care.

The Primitive Trail experience is as rare as it is precious. Take a week and experience living on Earth with no distractions. We walk the Timbavati, a gorgeous part of the Kruger Conservation Area. We are guided by the industry’s best interpreters, the top-notch guides of Lowveld Trails.

- A Walking Safari

What to Expect

The first three nights find us in a temporary bush camp, sleeping in small tents and devouring the incredible cooking of Captain Dave. Each day, we walk morning and afternoon, interpreting what we discover. Minute details offer wealths of information. So we appreciate the small interactions as well as tracking, trailing and sometimes observing large animals.

Then for the last three days, we carry our things: backpacks, sleeping rolls, ministove, food provisions and other useful items. Each night we sleep beneath the stars, taking turns keeping watch over a small fire. This primitive trail puts us in direct contact of who we really are on a deep level.

Throughout the entire week, we make time for meditative praxis, breathwork and postural yoga. Without doubt, leaving behind society’s distractions gives us an opportunity to truly connect to nature, one another and to our selves.

Additionally, there will be a Readying Night and a Return Night at a lodge within the little town of Hoedspruit. On the Readying Night, we’ll make sure we have proper gear with us, get to know one another and share our first meal together. Then we’ll set off for 6 Bush Nights. The Return Night will find us coming straight from primitive trail. We’ll take a chance to clean up, do laundry and reintegrate into a life of more comfort – hopefully while staying connected.

Book the Primitive Yoga Trail with Dylan

We are limited to seven guests. Please submit an application as soon as you become interested to ensure that you will enjoy this walking safari with us!

The entire 8 night package costs $2888 usd including yoga, meals, accommodation, guiding, transport from & to Hoedspruit airport, park fees and conservation levees — all essential expenses to have the experience of a lifetime.

April 11 - 19th , 2025

April 11 – Readying Night in Hoedspruit Wildlife Lodge
April 12 – 14 Walking from Camp in Timbavati
April 15 – 17 Walking Trail through Timbavati
April 18 Return Night in Hoedspruit Wildlife Lodge
April 19 Departures and Onward Travels

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The Timbavati

A wilderness gem within the Kruger National Park's Conservation Area

The Timbavati Primitive Trail landscape is characterized by the quintessential savannah of the Lowveld region — wide open grasslands, mixed with forested areas and some riverbeds winding through. There are healthy numbers of all the large mammal species and fantastic birdlife. Animal encounters are not infrequent and our guides are deeply experienced in reading and managing such encounters for optimal viewing experiences. Although the dirt road network is sparse, there is still some chance of seeing a game drive vehicle, as the areas we walk are also accessible to a few neighboring lodges. The Timbavati is a great home to many elephants, rhinos, buffalo, leopards and lions – including rare white lions. Dylan has greatly enjoyed walking this area over the last 4 years with Lowveld Trails. In Timbavati, he’s also spotted countless birds, a rare cheetah and countless hyena friends.