Open Road- Lyrics

OPEN ROADThe startof any journey begins with one stepwe open up our sess with just one breathevery thunderstorm come from a single dropit keeps on rolling and ya just don't stopgive praise to origins, i was raised in Ohiowoke up in Oregon, the road was my desireevery nook and cranny from state to statei thumbed my way cross country with no time to hatein each locality i saw the goodand i stepped without fear into every hoodtripping cross borders internationallyknown on the microphone for ripping naturallyall those intersections could've been a wreckthat's why i praise Ganesh, keep beginnings correctthis moment at hand dawns a new adventuregive some faith in grace and know that nature sent youso many locations, situations, opportunitiesmake the best of now and always stay true to theseconcepts, precepts, rules that are goldi give love at home on the open roadi give love at home at home on the microphonei give love at home at home on the open roadi give loveat home in Kathmandu, at home in Saigonat home in Hong Kong, at home when i'm goneat home in Istanbul, at home in BombayBangkok, Beijing and the Phrisko Bay