The Further Mentorship Empowermentis evolving into two separate semesters!Go Further!- October 12th to December 14th, 2024- January 11th through March 8th, 2025


To support, guide and uplift practitioners on the journey to becoming experienced, grounded and confident resources of yoga and related practices.


The Further Mentorship Empowerment
is evolving into two separate semesters!

As folks have gotten busier, the 6 month Mentorship appears like a longer commitment than appeals to many. So instead, we have split the same Mentorship into two easily accessed courses.

The Autumn Semester handles the Bhagavad Gita and runs from October 12th to December 14th, 2024. We set our meeting dates depending upon students’ availability, generally meeting Saturdays around midday GMT.

The Spring Semester will scan through the entire Patanjali Yoga Sutra, running from January 11th through March 8th, 2025. Of course, students are encouraged to do the entire Mentorship Empowerment. But this year, one can also just attend one Semester of their choice!


First meeting is Saturday, October 12th !

All of the other dates will be confirmed and announced at the beginning of the Mentorship. This is because we always make sure to arrange the best dates and times for everyone. In past years, we have always met online on Saturday, around midday GMT. This makes for American mornings, Asian evenings and early afternoon throughout Europe and Africa.

We will do regular class meetings, including discussion and light sitting practices, every other week. This year, there will also be a monthly online technical workshop! So there will usually be 3 classes per month. All classes and workshops are recorded for later viewing as well.

The total cost for all classes, tutelage, private meetings and monthly workshops is:

Price $540 / Semester

Prepaid enrolment in both Semesters $990

Please note that Further will meet the exact same number of sessions as in previous years. We’ll just meet more frequently.

General Course Description

The Further Empowerment Mentorship is a dynamic online course for practitioners and teachers of yoga. We don’t focus on posture nor is this any kind of packaged teacher training.

Instead, we dive deep into genuine yoga traditions including meditation, breathing, scriptural study, Sanskrit basics and self-reflection.

Our primary method is to carefully read through translations of the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali Yoga Sutra. We avoid dogma! Thus, we don’t rely on commentaries nor does Dylan explain what it is supposed to mean. We read for ourselves! As we read, we each resonate with meaningful passages. These lighthouses are usually shared with the whole group as we learn from one another.

Here's what past Further graduates are saying about this dynamic Mentorship!


35 hrs / month – 70 hrs / semester – 140 hours / Mentorship
Weekly streaming class (120 minutes) (6)
including Monthly Practical Technique Workshops (2)
Monthly Focus Texts Readings (see below) (10)
Monthly At-home Practices (homework) (6)

Short Essay / Homework submission & review (6)
Optional Journal submission, review and comments (2)
Online messaging and conversations with Dylan when needed (1) – including one private meeting/ class
Small group work and communication within the cohort (2)

Mentees Receive

  • Weekly Live Discussions, in-depth journey into Gīta, Sutra and Ourselves
  • Meditative Techniques and Mantra Recitation
  • Private (1-1) Meeting / Class to discuss particular areas for growth (60-90 minutes)
  • Adjustment Clinics
  • Technical Workshops
  • Feedback on all written material

Mentees are Encouraged to

  • Carefully read the assigned texts, usually an hour or two per week
  • Note any questions as well as what lighthouses arise (moments of illumination)
  • Openly share in discussions as they feel comfortable
  • Write any assigned short essays
  • Practice a few quick and easy meditative techniques as homework
  • Join a group of other Mentees for small group work
  • Contact Dylan with questions, reflections or even journal entries as they like

Zoom class video:

An excerpt from the first class of 2022. Participants joined live from the Czech Republic, Egypt, Hong Kong, South Africa, Turkiye, and the United States.

Materials for Reading

Bhagavad Gita
Patanjali Yoga Sutra
Sanskrit pronunciation chart and common prefixes
Additional short readings on related topics may be assigned

In Person Immersions

Student are encouraged to attend an in-person Immersion if possible. Immersions generally include Mysore sadhana, unique workshops and lively discussions.
Dylan will make in-person appearances in:

Germany & Czech Republic – September, 2024*

Türkiye – October, 2024

Hong Kong – November, 2024

China – December, 2024

India – January, 2025

South Africa – March, 2025

*European Immersions will happen leading up to the Mentorship this year, but all students are encouraged to attend and connect with Dylan in-person

Pricing and Payment Options

Mentorship Fee:

Price $540 / Semester
Prepaid enrollment in both Semesters $990

*Payments can be made in
instalments upon request.

Do the Full Mentorship

The Further Mentorship Empowermentis evolving into two separate semesters!As folks have gotten busier, the 6 month Mentorship appears like a longer commitment than appeals to many. So instead, we have split the same Mentorship into two easily accessed courses.

Semester 2024

  • Autumn Semester 2024

Semester 2025

  • Spring Semester 2025

Shoulder anatomy video:

Dylan calls upon graphics to illuminate Serratus Anterior, a muscle that stabilizes the shoulder blades.
The online format allows for unique learning opportunities, vastly informative but informal discussions, live questions and replies – all from the comforts of home (or wherever you might find yourself!)
Should you miss a class, which happens to almost everyone, or simply want to review, all of the recordings are available to you.