Effortlessness- Lyrics

EFFORTLESSNESSi learned to flow from who? Lao Tsu.you take the coda back to Yoda"no try, only do"my hand flies to the miclike a love that's trueborn to be (right) here (right) now (right?)aint nothing newbout the Wei-wu-weithat's how we saythe action of non-actionact your part like a playdon't work it like a job or even strive for the goalyou might laugh or cry or grasp illusion of controlbut see through it, you once knew it: all comes from Graceeven if you want your choices you can't choose the time and placerenounce the results there's other runners in the raceforget about the answer, sit in silence, take a tastethe infinite avalanche of various factorsmake up the whole story in which we're only actorswe practice and relinquish the results as all are topicalthe highest aim be water simply flow around the obstaclesthe effortless next quest to be right herestop and stare in the headlights like a deerand there's no fearno other faces to reverenor other places to revealonly spaces you can feelyou be fully in position for omission of volitiona taste of this condition gets you wishing for transitionbut your focus on the finish let the finest out your graspyou got strung up when you got hung up on the future and the pastthat desired destination just got blurred up out your lensbe at work and on vacation, stop scheming on them endsbe the means beyond the schemes savor every little secondwhen you think you've got itthat's the time you've wrecked itit's grist for the millthe Gita says to mash ita step is never wasted dropping fruits from the actionsso many seekers scurry 'round scouting out the lootbe better served to just observe giving up the fruitshow're ya living Dyllie B?on beaches, in forests'send the ends, clean the lens and it feels euphorici implore wit and employ the wisdomneed no more shhh to enjoy the kingdomi implode and erode the whole dang loadBrighton up and lighten up and get back on the roadso much sold and bought, so much told and taughtso much effort required to slide back to naughtstill Dyllie from the block, that is the uncarvedran the gauntlet of desires and came back unharmedthe truth shook me loose from attachment to my pockettroubled youth to dropping fruits, i'm living proof of how to rock itdrop the fruit, yo, drop the fruit (what?)