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July 5th  2024

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Over ten years since their initial release - JetTricks and Dylpostino return with the All One Breath Remix EP featuring collaborations and remixes from a host of international producers.
Dylpostino had been a rhymer and MC for decades, growing up right alongside hip-hop in the 80's, 90's and going international in the 21st Century. One half of JetTricks, Paul Elliott had also been roots in the Culture from formative years, writing graffiti, DJing, producing and even teaching Music Production, so when the pair crossed paths at a yoga retreat in Southern Crete, there was instant mutual recognition of the real.

Jonny Drop
№ 1. Producer, Drummer and DJ, Jonny Drop delivers a laidback, future hip hop banger. After recently releasing his latest album and featuring on Huey Morgan's BBC radio show, his 'Drop The Fruit - Re-Fruit' is straight up vibes from one of his many legendary DJ sets
Call Sender
№ 2. Following their debut album 'Lost to the storm' released on Tru Thoughts, Call Sender bring sci-fi, cinematic vibes underpinned with their bouncing bass line and vintage drum breaks.
Jody / Trillion
№ 3. Jody / Trillion has released scores of albums, including the primordial New Zealand classic, Real Zeal Men. Trillion and Dyl would work on beats in Bali together and always hoped to foster real hip hop positivity around the globe.
Steve Pile
№ 4. Steve Pile, a steady fixture of the SF Bay Area's music scene, had been writing songs with Dyl since '95. Steve reached out to Jali Bakary Konteh, a griot from birth, living legend of the kora and master of traditional West African music. Effortlessness takes on a whole new dimension with this upbeat treatment. Repeated listening always seems to give more and more insight.
John Reed
№ 5. John Reed resides in Leipzig, Germany and is a true music head. Spending his time immersed in the scene, booking shows, DJing and producing beats from his super dope basement studio. A flurry of funky 45s on Detroit's Funk Night Records introduced him and his crew 'the Automatics' to the world.
Markey Funk
№ 6. The Delights 45's label boss Markey Funk is a king of synthesizer, cinematic, moody psychedelia! Producing under a wide array of pseudonyms and with top notch collaborators, Markey consistently releases heavy duty hits that could feature in the score of your favourite sci-fi B-movie or easily tear up dancefloors across the globe.
Mike Wallace
№ 7. Mike Wallace is the record collectors collector. Every rare record you ever dreamt about owning, he owns. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of 60s & 70s Library music and when the pandemic hit, he bunkered down in his San Diego studio and honed his craft, bringing the vintage sounds of European Library music to Hip Hop beats.
Tendaji / Donje
№ 8. Tendaji/Donje take us on an 8 minute trip through a synthesized, acid drenched parallel universe. The pair recently embarked on a new live and improvised workflow, which involves daisy chaining a host of analog drum machines, synthesizers and weird noise making devices to create experimental music for the dancefloor.

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