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About Course

The Further Mentorship Empowerment is actually all about you!

Dylan’s over-arching message has been described as learning to trust your own experience. This is a powerful lesson of the six-month mentorship.

Various sitting practices, Sanskrit basics and details of breath are explored. Each month, there is a dedicated workshop to look deeply into asana, vinyasa, alignment, adjustments and other aspects of yoga practice.

Our central coursework is looking for lighthouses in ancient yoga teachings. We take three months and read the entire Bhagavad Gita, then another three months are dedicated to Patanjali Yoga Sutra. Instead of overlaying someone else’s ideas of what these teachings mean, we find what rings true for us. Dylan believes that, if these texts are indeed sacred and immaculate, they reveal gems of truth to anyone. This is because deep within us, we already have profound knowledge and wisdom. When we take the time to explore these teachings, our deepest truths are remembered and reflected back to us. These personal discoveries guide our journey and thus, each year, Further walks a different path. Because we have students from all over the globe, we all learn from different perspectives. And frankly, studying in a group can feel manageable, supported, in-depth and FUN!

Further has “graduated” mentees in 2021, 2022 and 2023… Join us today and become part of the class of 2024… take your practice FURTHER!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Bi-weekly Class discussions and explorations
  • Monthly Workshop detailing practical techniques
  • Sanskrit Basics
  • Mantra Recitation
  • Sitting Practices (including various meditative practices)
  • Pranayama Teachings
  • At-home Readings
  • Reading of Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali Yoga Sutra in entirety
  • Access to Dylan for any questions or clarifications
  • Private meeting / class with Dylan
  • Short Essay assignments and personal, supportive feedback
  • Small Group work within the international cohort

Course Content

Introduction to Further Mentorship
Welcome to Further!

  • Introduction Video

Further Meeting 2023-10-28
Our group's very first meeting of the 6-month course. Intro Ceremony and Group Introductions. We set the stage of Bhagavad Gita and Dylan read Chapter 1 aloud so we're all on the same page, literally!

Further Meeting 2023-11-11
We dive into Chapter 2 as well as what qualities make for good teaching. Tratak is introduced!

Further Workshop 1 2023-11-18
Our first workshop addresses the underlying bedrock of meditative praxis in Ashtanga Sadhana, as well as microscoping in on alignment details in Sun Salutations and Standing postures.

Further 2023 – 11 -26
Guru Mantra, Sanskrit vowels, Gita Chapter 3,4 and 5

Further 2023 – 12 – 2
Gita Chapters, 6, 7 and 8 . One -pointed mind practices.

Further Workshop 2 2023 – 12 – 9
The Four Purifications, Samasthitihi, Prasarita Padottanasana vinyasa

Further 2023 – 12 – 16
The Devotional Love Practices of Chapters 9 and 12 compared and contrasted, The visions of Chapters 10 and 11... man's reaction to Divinity! Aspirate and unaspirate consonants in Sanskrit

Further 2024 – 1 – 6
Finishing the Gita (part 1) !!!

Further Workshop 3 2024 – 1 – 13
Finishing the Gita completely, Patanjali intro'd, Sanskrit consonants workshop, Foundations of Backbending!

Further 2024 – 01 – 27
With reverence and irreverence in equal parts, we begin our journey into Patanjali!

Further 2024 – 02 – 10
Exploring the foundation of Patanjali, each shloka in the Samadhi Pada is examined... and we practice some Savitarka --> Nirvitarka Samapatti. Bring your simple natural object!

Workshop 4 2024 – 02 -17
Explore practicing asana with a Patanjali-based focus.