Ashtanga Workshop


30 September - 2023

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One of the WORLD'S MOST TREASURED yoga studios, communities and teachers!Of the hundreds of yoga schools that I've visited, USYOGA is on top! I've spent months here over the last decade and I'm always impressed by this fabulous community and organization. They have so much depth, wisdom and commitment.... more than that, they have so much LOVE!In a world bombarded by glitz and glamour, social media stars with their shiny eyes and huge promises, and the simplification of yoga as poses .... usyoga has always just been about the AUTHENTIC practice. And because everything there is so GENUINE, you find students stay for years and years, they become teachers, they unite with wisdom's source and everyone keeps growing.Ulrica has always had self-knowledge and self-possession. Her bravery and integrity led her to open shala, long before people thought about yoga as a business. As a teacher, Ulrica possesses incredible gifts. She cares about the whole student - their emotions, psychology, physical condition... she intuits how to help them... and how best to stop them from repeating the same story over and over. Ulrica is quite a magic person...And USYOGA is a 🦄 ... if you have found it here, you are a lucky practitioner!

Yours Sincerely Dylan