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January Mysore

February 1 - 28 Mysore and Weekend Conference
Ashtanga Yoga Cape Town
Cape Town, South Africa

March 1 - 4 Mysore Sadhana
The Ashtanga Studio
Durban, South Africa

March 16 - 21 Festival Presenter
Prague Spirit Festival
Prague, Czech Republic

March 19 - 24 Mysore Sadhana
The Shala
Prague, Czech Republic

April 4 - 9 Mysore / Beyond Dogma
Stillness In Action
Hong Kong

April 10 - 22 Mysore and Discussion
Shenzhen, China

May 3 - 6 Mysore and Ashtanga Method
Mandala Wellness
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

May 9 - 13 Evolving Mysore Practice
US Yoga
Boras, Sweden

May 15 - 21 Mysore Week and Ashtanga Workshops
Yoga Moves
Utrecht, Holland

May 30 - June 2 Mysore and Engaging Emptiness
Ashtanga Yoga Toledo
Toledo, Ohio

June 1 - 10 Mysore Sadhana
The Yoga Path
Juneau, Alaska

June 10 - 13 Mysore Sadhana
Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg

June 15 - 17 Mysore Sadhana
Ashtanga Yoga Kempton

June 25 - July 7 Deepening Mysore Practice
US Yoga
Boras, Sweden

September 16 onwards Founding Director
Daily Mysore Sadhana
Ashtanga Yoga Shenzhen
Shenzhen, China


"Your workshop left in me a feeling of applied oneness, meaning that meditation, prayer and asanas are really one thing"
Markta Vymětalov, Yoga Teacher,
Prague Workshop Participant 2008

"Dylan's teaching method and depth of knowledge creates a comfortable, confident learning experience. He is dedicated, serious, fun and lacks pretentions"
Sylven, workshop participant, July 2006,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam