Stillness in Action HK

Spring Workshop Offerings 2015

Ashtanga Yoga Hong Kong

Public Led Primary Series

Saturday, March 28th, 10 am – 12 noon

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park

free of charge

This Led Primary will be counted in Sanskrit and this class is open to those who already know the series. Please bring your own mat, layers of clothes, water as needed and a joyful attitude to share with our large and accepting Ashtanga community.

Semi-Private Mysore Practice

Sunday, March 29th, 8 – 10am

Shakti Healing Circle, Central

12 persons maximum

$300 HKD

This will be a standard Mysore-style practice with a small group and plenty of personal attention. All practitioners must already know the series by heart and should practice as they normally do. Dylan will provide guidance, adjustments, modifications and help to shed light on “blind spots,” areas of your practice that you may not be able to see clearly.


March 29th, 10:30am – 12:30pm

Shakti Healing Circle, Central

12 persons maximum

$300 HKD

Bring a new practice to life or bring new life to your existing practice. This workshop will detail essential, fundamental building blocks of Ashtanga. These subtle breath-based approaches and polished alignments can prove both challenging and also liberating for absolute beginners and advanced practitioners alike. This workshop is open to anyone who wishes to develop and refine a regular, authentic practice.

Resolution: Completing Primary

Saturdays, April 18th & 25th , 10:30am – 12:30pm

Shakti Healing Circle, Central

12 persons maximum

$600 HKD for both sessions, or $350 for one session, if there is space available

This workshop is ideally meant to be taken in two parts.

The end of the Primary Series presents interesting challenges and learning opportunities. By looking deep into the material, Dylan hopes to inspire new interpretations, techniques and perhaps even meaning. Both sessions will incorporate subtleties of specific vinyasa, bandha integration, mindful backbending and dropbacks, and aspects of Ashtanga pranayama. Session one will focus from Marciyasana D to Supta Kormasana. Session two will focus from Garbha Pindasana to Setu Bandhasana. Questions and areas of interest are welcomed in advance via email.

Nadi Shodana: Second Series, An Opera in Three Acts

Saturdays, May 2nd, 9th*, and 16th , 10:30am – 12:30pm

Shakti Healing Circle**, Central

12 persons maximum

$1000 HKD for all three sessions, or $400 for each session, if there is space available

The Intermediate Series of Ashtanga is a fascinating place to examine one's disposition: mentally, physically and energetically.

Because of the lunar nature of the sequence, practitioners are asked to multitask, switching gracefully from one specialty to another. The series can be viewed in three chapters: Backbends, Extreme Hip Openers (leg behind the head postures), and an integrating final act, Bandhas & Balance. Each workshop will microscopically examine one of the acts and it's relevance to your entire practice and, optimistically, life as a whole.

These workshops are open to all Second Series practitioners. Priority admission will be given to those practitioners who are finishing or working within the specific chapter of the week. However, if there is space, you may register for all 3 workshops even if you are only working in the beginning of Second Series. Please apply by April 1st for consideration.

* May 9th will be held at Shona, a lovely dedicated yoga space in Wong Chuk Hang, HK Island

** Shakti Healing Circle is located at unit #701 Glenealy Tower, 1 Glenealy, Central